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My Muse - In The Raw

Yesterday started out better than most Sunday's in our home. I was able to get both kids dressed and out the door early for church with minimal complaining. I thought to myself "boy if I could manage this every Sunday, we'd be in paradise!". The rest of the day was pretty typical of our weekly Sunday routine, all the way up to that evening when we started getting ready for our evening service. I started with my daughter because quite honestly, she's the easiest to get ready and she hardly ever complains. We have our rare occasions when she wants to wear her "pocket dresses" and they're not clean, but her complaints are pretty manageable. Where the majority of our Sunday...

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The Sunshine Collection

I grew up hearing it, and so will my kids:You are my sunshine, my only sunshine - You make me happy when skies are gray - You'll never know dear, how much I love you - Please don't take my sunshine awayI've named this collection after the sweetest song I've ever heard. It expresses the love I have for my children and the love I felt from my mom as I grew up.

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Silly Putty Experiment

One of the first experiments we tackled this year was homemade silly putty. The kids play with play dough a lot at school, so I figured making something similar would be pretty exhilarating for them.

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