Whirlwind Winter

It's been a whirlwind winter here on the homestead. We started off on a good foot with all of our hens continuing to lay eggs through most of November. When we decided to upgrade their living space in the middle of a cold snap, they went through a really hard time. All laying came to a stop and we ended up losing four of our girls. Our new and improved living quarters are now in place, and we inherited a few girls, plus a really handsome roo. All of our chickens are much happier, and laying has commenced again. We're now up to 20 laying hens from just four when we began this eggcelent journey. This spring is looking to be very fruitful for our little henhouse, even with a harsh winter. We'll begin fulfilling our subscription orders on February 18th. If you're not currently on a subscription, make sure you get your name on the list before it's full.
Though we will be expanding our capacity later this year, we only have room for an additional 5 subscribers, currently.
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