Rose & Wesley

Old Fashion Idea for a Modern World

Homestead Happenings

  • New Flock

    This winter we added fifteen new members to our flock. Sadly, we lost three of the babies early on due to natural causes. Our remaining twelve hens are thriving as free-range birds and will be ready to lay eggs in about two months. We are excited to start collecting rich brown eggs this summer, as it marks the beginning of out homestead becoming self-sufficient.

  • A Blast from the Past

    In the beginning, Rose & Wesley only sold handmade clothing. We partnered with other small businesses like Leleo Leather Bows and Sweet as April Bonnets to assemble adorable outfits. I miss those days, but time has a way with change. Now, I'm excited to offer a few of our most popular clothing items, along with other goods inspired by my family and home.

  • New Goods

    Among some of our most popular clothing items, you'll find quite a few newer goods available in the market. Over the past several years I have worked with my growing children to learn are appropriate skills and trades that allow them to work with their hands and experience the joy of creating something. While browsing the marketplace, you will find some of their works of art sprinkled throughout.

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