Meet The Maker

Hello and welcome! My name is Mandi, and I'm the designer and maker behind all of the beautiful pieces you'll find here at Rose & Wesley.

My creative roots stem back to childhood visits to my grandmother's home. I always looked forward to the Christmas season, that's when I’d spend two weeks crafting and decorating with her. Under her tutelage I learned to make everything from ornaments to little wooden dolls. Creativity became my happy place during some of the hardest times in my life, and it has remained a large piece of who I am, I owe all of that to my Gram. Thank you gram, for sparking this passion within me.

I'm honored to be able to sew beautifully handcrafted pieces, to share my hard work with those who enjoy them, and to be able to encourage creativity in others. 

Thank you for browsing my site, I hope you come back often and leave inspired.