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More Than a Shop

When I was growing up my mom used to make biscuits and gravy all the time.  Since biscuits were cheap and the gravy ingredients were even cheaper, this was a staple meal during my childhood. I'll be sharing my mom's yummy gravy recipe with you below. In a future post I'll share my biscuit recipe, so stay tuned!

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Adding More Boy Items!

  This spring/summer season I will be adding several boy items to the shop! One of my favorite items that will be coming this season is our Jon-Jon's, checkout this adorable video of our first pair!  

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Our Slow Weekend Away.

This past weekend my husband and I were blessed with a weekend alone. The kids stayed with their nanny, and we took off on a short weekend adventure. 

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Welcome to our new website!

Last year we launched a website outside of the Etsy platform and have enjoyed it immensely! It seems as though with every new year comes new and better changes, and it's no different in business. This year we have changed our website platform to something bigger and better in an effort to bring some amazing features to our customers. With our new platform in place, you will see the opportunity to: earn free shipping with every purchase, create an account with Rose & Wesley, stay up to date with us through our blog, share our products with your friends, and last but not least, receive order updates through your email.  We have high hopes for this new website, and we feel...

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