The Light

It's been just 2 weeks since we had our little Saturday adventure together. As I lay here in my daughter's bed with her pressed up against my back, listening to her croup, I'm reminded of how quickly life can change. We're never promised tomorrow, we're never promised an easy journey, but oftentimes we forget, life isn't supposed to be easy. As parents, we always want the best for our kids, we want an easy road for them, we never want them to be picked on, have health problems, or have their heartbroken, but is it selfishness that makes us want these things? Doesn't growth come from having our hearts broken? Doesn't better immune systems come from mild illnesses? Doesn't self-respect come from being picked on? It hurts us when we see our kids deal with normal life stuff, but there's so much growth that takes place in the meantime. Our job is to help them grow through it and to teach them not to sit down and give up. It's a hard job, it hurts, and sometimes we'd just rather escape the growing pains. But we're parents, we don't have a choice, they'll always follow our lead.
Life has been beating at my door this week, though I'd much rather go back to 2 weeks ago when my daughter wasn't sick and my son didn't have burns on his arm, I'm reminding myself that there's one mother that endured the worst. Mary was by her son's side every step of the way. She couldn't take his suffering away, and though she was completely broken, she did what mother's do, she suffered right along with him, staying as strong as she could on the outside and falling to pieces on the inside. After all of that suffering, all of that pain, it only took three days before she saw the light again. The light is always there, you just have to keep coming back to the place you left it.

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