Perspective is what defines a person, sets them apart, and steers their decisions. As our state closes down, as our nation begins self quarantines, and as our world rages war against this nasty virus, each individual has a different perspective about what's happening.

Our perspective on the world's situation right now is entirely driven by what we allow ourselves to see. If we're reading fake news articles instead of researching the facts, we'll be lead around by a carrot on a stick, grasping for anything within reach to make sense of this chaos.  It's important that we stick to facts, that we don't allow opinions and agendas to misguide us. I recently read a post that talked about the Covid-19 virus. This individual felt as though the media was making a big deal out of nothing when it comes to this illness. He proceeded to type the words "when the virus isn't even deadly to young and healthy people". I was immediately pricked in my heart by his words. His statement segregated the elderly and immune-compromised from those that were young and healthy. Should our nation continue on as normal and forsake those that are weak, or should we come up alongside them and do what we can to keep them from getting sick?  I'll choose the latter every time!

A fact that I feel most people forget when downplaying this pandemic is the incubation period. A person could be infected for 2 weeks before they start feeling sick, in that time, when you're feeling healthy, you could have infected everyone you work with, or come in contact with. Think about the little old lady behind you at the grocery store, the single mother with an immune disorder who uses the atm after you, or the father buying diapers for his sick newborn. These are the people we don't know, these are the people we have to protect. There is still so much we don't understand about Covid-19, but what we do know is that it's deadly to the frail. It is our responsibility to protect them.

I see you, young girl, I know you struggle with adrenal insufficiency, and I know this virus could make your life a short one.

I see you, grandparent, your grandkids mean the world to you, and though you're not as young as you once were, you still have a lot of life left, but this virus could steal it away.

I see you, young momma, you struggle with illnesses beyond anything I could ever imagine, but you're strong and you're winning this battle! This virus could be the last blow, though.

I'll stand up for you, I'll fight for you!

We've not been given the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 2:7), so I'm not afraid. I'll be prudent though, and I'll seek to understand (Proverbs 13:16). This isn't about the healthy and the young, it's about the sick, the weak, and the elderly. (Ezekiel 35:4). It's about brotherhood, it's about community, it's about being united

On the other side of this, I'd rather look back and know that I did too much rather than not enough.

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