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How Much Do I Weigh?

Don't be crazy! I'd never tell you that! Well.. I might, once I reach my dream goal.
  I will tell you I've lost 15.5 pounds since I started getting serious about living healthier though. 

The struggle is real you guys!! A lifetime ago I gained a ton of weight, lost it and gained it back. As for most people, the reason for the weight gain was always stress related. Stress about conceiving our first child, stress about caring for a tiny human, stress about life in general.
  I decided shortly after giving birth that it was beyond time to get serious about eating healthy,  I did lose some weight and I was on a good course until I got pregnant with my second child.  Things just got so hectic after that, that it was hard to get things back on track. 
Once we moved, life settled down a little and I decided that my health was going to be a top priority. We all know the basics, burn more calories than you eat, but it's actually so much more than that, at least for me it is.
For me, it's about eating foods that were naturally created for my body. 
I recently read an article about carcinogenic foods, simply because I was curious and wanted to eliminate some of those from my diet as well as my families. The list of things that cause cancer  was endless! I then realized that there are so many people that will use cancer as a way to scare you into anything, even if what they tell you isn't true. So I dug a little further and came across this article from the Cancer Center's website that lists the top carcinogenic foods. One thing I've always thought was a carcinogen was high fructose corn syrup, but this article actually doesn't mention it at all. It does, however, say that obesity is linked to 13 different cancers and added sugars can lead to weight gain. I've never liked the idea of highly processed foods anyway, so to eliminate them from my diet is sort of a life goal for me. Even if it's not directly connected to cancer, by eliminating it I am giving myself a higher chance of living a longer life. If I'm being 100% honest though, I could live off of fruit snacks, juice boxes, and those breadsticks you dip in cheese, I'm just a kid in a grown-up's body, I don't mind admitting it...
The goal of cutting out highly processed foods will take a while.
It's a lifetime of eating habits I'm trying to change, so doing it all at once won't be a plan for success. I'm starting with bread items because it's a high carb food. I know my body needs grains, but until I find a bread that tastes good and is minimally processed, I'll be cutting it out. 
I already miss these really yummy breakfast sandwiches made with English muffins I used to make in the mornings.

My diet is really small right now and still contains some processed items. I basically eat fruit, salad, chicken, veggies, and the open face egg sandwich pictured above. Eventually, I'll be able to eat a large variety of naturally grown and minimally processed foods, but first I have to find them.  

I believe we all want to live a healthy life, and everyone does small things here and there to get them to their goals. I'd love to hear from you! What types of things do you do to live a healthier lifestyle?
Comment below and share your story, technique, or advice.

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