This Moment

We're rounding a year of what seems like a never-ending journey. This morning though, I'm reminded that "everything happens for a reason". When I lost my dad at 15 I found strength in that phrase, it's what kept my faith strong and helped me through the toughest of days. As long as I knew that what I was going through was making me into a better person and was "for my good" I could keep trudging through. I've repeated those words back to myself every time I've faced something that looked too daunting to get through. The past 12 months have been nothing short of difficult, but every time I think back I see how God has used every obstacle to strengthen my family, to strengthen my faith in him, and to make me into the person I need to be for the future. I'm far from who I'll need to be for then, but I'm exactly who I need to be for this moment. You see, the situations I faced as a teenager gave me the tools I needed to face today, and the obstacles I face today are giving me the tools I'll need to face my future. Through it all, I'm blessed beyond measure to know the one who can always speak through my circumstance and remind me that his hand is in it all.

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