Gnarly Bones

Halloween is such a tug-of-war between "good and evil" sometimes. I do enjoy putting together creative outfits with my kids, I also love hearing them play pretend trunk or treat the week leading up to and the month after Halloween. However, we do reject the dark side that many partake in on that day. Because I'm raising optimistic, encouraging, individuals, I've always tried to spin things in a positive light for them. When they receive treats that include skeletons, we use it as a science lesson about our bones. When we're invited to "Halloween" events, we refer to them as fall festivals or fall parties. When we see spooky things in public, we discuss how we don't like scary things and that we'd rather see something happy. When we see someone we know doing something we don't do, we talk about how it's okay if they want to do those things, but that we choose not to and that we can still be friends even if we like different things.

I'll never forget when my pastor said: "eat the fish but spit out the bones". He was referring to books, but I've applied it to most things in life because it's so relevant. I can enjoy most everything in this world on my own terms. I can enjoy the fall season without the dark side, I can celebrate Christmas and know that Santa is a great story but Jesus is the real reason, I can make Easter baskets for my kids and do egg hunts with them while we celebrate our risen savior. I think it's very important to always talk to my children about the "why". Kids soak up everything, if I foster that now and teach them how to "be in but not of", it won't be so confusing to them when they're out there on their own. If children don't know why they do things a certain way, then when they're older they'll stop asking why and just start doing what everyone else does.

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